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After couple of days uploading page by page all the pages are uploaded (over 300, i’m surprised). there’s some thing left that I have to fix yet, like the gallery and characters profile.. Tho.. can you guys help me what the profiles said? I just don’t have a copy of it and barely remember 🙁 Maybe we will have to create new profiles, what do you want to know about my characters?


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  1. Well I didn’t remember every single detail but I took some mental notations. Forgive me if some are incorrect.
    You only completed the following character profiles: April, Angel, Alfred, and Annie.
    The order was their first name, next their hobby(ies), followed up by their favorite meal, and all of the character’s friends and family to end. That’s what I remember. If you want to add any additional info like height, weight, and (I speak for everybody when I say this) last names, be my guest.
    sidenote: Things I am not certain of will have an “*” next to it.
    Angel: 18; Likes superhero comics and drawing. Favorite meal was *spaghetti.
    April: 18; Likes *drama. Favorite meal was *cake.
    Annie 18; Likes being *active. Favorite meal was *pizza.
    Alfred 21; Likes to read and watch *tv. Favorite meal was *toast.
    Also this will be a weird question but can the fans finish the profiles of the other characters? I think it’ll be funny seeing the entire comment section argue over what Beck likes to eat.

    1. Oh…commenting can no longer have indents or paragraphical separation anymore…well so much for making comments easier to read.

  2. Wallochia Palam

    I think it is best to create a new profile pics with new descriptions.

    Name, Age, Some information about itself.
    The characters that I would have profiles of are Angel, Annie, Audrey, Alfred, April, Benedict, Bryce, and Beck

    1. What kind of info you want to know about the characters? ^^

      1. Well let me think…
        Age. Thats a given.
        Favorite food & music genre.
        Physical Features (height, weight, etc.)
        Full names (First, middle (if given), and last) with parent’s first names.
        Special Talent or anything they have skill in.
        Mental state (ex. Joyous, Hotheaded, Depressed, etc.)
        Traits. (fast, strong, creative, etc)
        Strengths and Weaknesses.
        Race or type of animal (or in other words, species) and what they are a mix of. (Like a Lion, Panther, or Cougar )
        Strongest sense (strong hearing, great vision, or strong sense of smell).

      2. Wallochia Palam

        For profiles, I would start with Angel, Annie, Audrey, Alfred, April, Benedict, Bryce, Beck, Cathy
        I would include the cast’s ages, likes and dislikes, relationships, and a backstory of some sort

        1. Wallochia? Palam is this you? If it is than what is this Wallochia word mean? Sounds almost mystical and I like it.

        2. Wallochia Palam

          I am Palam, Juju. I honestly didn’t think that much when I made that name. I just thought it sounded cool. I may or may not change the name again though…

  3. All I could remember is that some of characters are missing a profile pic. So hopefully you have for all of them. BTW, wasn’t Cathy another of the character you added on the last site?

  4. I’m having issues logging in.

  5. Can we also add the girls of Benedict’s harem while also some backstory of how they ended up with him.

    1. I second this^^

    2. I agreed with this as well. On the older site, i was wondering why he didn’t include the background of those girls. All we did get were their names, though i could only remember at least one.

      1. I think I can find the names of the harem from a conversation I had…
        I can share them to you if you want.

        1. Sure thanks. BTW, Meiling is the one i at least know.

        2. I remember some. Samantha, Aria, Chani, Zaya, Skye, Meiling, Harmony (LTRG did an entire theory on her), and that nurse (forgot her name but it was a Japanese name and started with N)

        3. Wallochia Palam

          Here are the members of Benedict’s Harem according to a comic
          Harmony, Aria, Chani, Zaya, Meiling, Ciel, Willow, Queenie, Sally, Shea

        4. Other than Meiling, Harmony, Chani and Zaya would be others i’m certain who i know well.

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