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47 thoughts on “Chapter 10 (Part 7)

  1. Ladies and gentlemen, I give to you Bryce, the beast tamer.

  2. Bryce you made a big mistake. You just proved you actually have the ability to tame monsters. I.E. you just put a Collosal size target on your head. And Benedict needs to know how new candids are made. And that so called Monster is a little bit different. He actually somehow has self control. Not to mention April, another candid is in that room. So Norman can actually realistically be defeated because April is there. Yes Norman is big but remember that April is agile, fast, strong, nimble, and also extremely quiet. I mean come on she literally walked ur to 2 guards undetected until she was literally banging their heads together. So if she’s in trouble, she can just magically disappear. Quite impressive due to her hot pink complexion.
    Have fun and just to let you know I got a death note if need be.

    1. Guys I had a thought…did Romi call something In that means they have to retreat? Also, someone get a tranquilizer for Norman.

    This perfectly sums up how I am feeling seeing this page.

    1. I’m just as confused an you are on how he managed that.

    2. yeah i can’t see HOW he managed that. Next page will be a flashback probably.

    3. Yep this is my reaction in a nutshell.

  4. How does Bryce go from a nice person in the early chapter to someone who is a threat to the main characters? I am 100% certain that Ellie had brainwashed Bryce to do her bidding.

    1. he isn’t going to do anything now, look at him. He’s bleeding and he can’t even stand up without help. Look at him. He’s hurt. All they need to do is kill Bryce and Norman will be lost. A wolf without an alpha is useless.

  5. Hide April, Hide her now. Somebody execute Bryce for his crimes, Angel better activate his Fenrir Powers and just be the most dangerous thing on the planet right now because ANNIE NEEDS HIM NOW.

  6. So did angel die in the explosion that took out the whole night club? I am looking at this and I am thinking that and also after realizing about 40% of Benedict’s wives and children died in this raid. So why is he not crueler to the enemy?

    1. Simple: Angel didn’t die in the explosion because Cass is alive (Look at Chapter 9 Part 5 and Chapter 10 part 3). She survived. Angel probably died later due to him going fully feral and being put down because of murder.

  7. I doubt Angel did die because every of the main characters appear within these recent chapters. Even though Benedict hinted about something bad did happen to him (Angel) during that phone conversation with Ellie in part 6 of this chapter, none didn’t say anything about him being dead. I might assume he become a feral, probably the same as Benedict was or what April is now. If Hoku is to make an appearance, then that will prove that Angel is still alive because i doubt about her being suicidal to blow up that club with her inside as well.

    1. Starjack allow me to emphasize something LTRG saw when palcomix was still functional. His idea of If Cass is alive, Angel is alive. Cass being alive shows that Angel is alive due to her being in the explosion and being seen fully due to her making a full appearance this chapter. That’s the good news. Now I wouldn’t expect to see Hoku as another alpha but I feel as if she was the one who taught Bryce how to “Tame”. So basically what I’m saying is she is the one who brainwashed Bryce and not Ellie (Palam take notes) and Angel was tamed by her making him something that you would see in Valhalla. Either that or he eluded the taming process and escaped. Remember that Angel still has an ace up his sleeve, Cathy. Not only that we have to remember two characters that we forget that could very much be important: Rose and Evan. Those two were also in the building. and rose was quite literally right next to angel when the nightclub exploded. I.E. Both of them are highly likely to have seen Angel last and/or helping him.

      1. So we should consider that those who were close to Angel in that club before the blast have survived. To be honest, i would love to see Hoku again. She’s cute and a fighter unless i missing something else. My post was actually a reply to Ru li, don’t know why it is a separate post.

        1. I hate hoku but to be fair her character design is amazing. However I want to see her for another reason. one thing that this comic is absolutely amazing at is character development, and if we look at the character section of the website (this may be nitpicking but It’s kind of a bummer that it isn’t finished but I understand since IL9 and PSC are coming out soon he won’t have time to finish it) every character on that list plays an important role…so… expect to see hoku again.

      2. Now that I think about it, it would make perfect sense for Hoku to teach Bryce how to tame. I mean she doesn’t give off a witch like vibe for no reason.

  8. Time to get my axe…wait Lemmy just neets to knock him out in order to have Norman stop. Lemmy you know what to do.

  9. Honestly I wouldn’t put it past me to say that Mya would end up doing something that just screws up Bryce’s plan.

  10. I have a vision, Bryce will have his head in his hands by the end of the chapter.

  11. A bit difficult?! Bryce you look like you just went through day one of a concentration camp. April is about to roar as well. Annie just run.

  12. Bryce is weak. Lemmy can just do his superkick to him once and Bryce is down for the count.

  13. Also I feel like an asshole cuz I found out this morning and I know it’s late but happy VERY late birthday to Bbmbbf, who I think is like 37 now. Doesn’t matter since I’ve seen some pictures of him in real life and he looks my age (I’m in my mid 20s). Feliz cumpleanos amigo.

  14. Bryce, I wouldn’t get cocky Mr. cleft lip. I can name people in the vicinity who can upend you in order from strongest to weakest.
    April-I don’t care that she’s feral she can SITLL whoop some ass. And I’m sorry Bryce but there is no taming her. You struggled with Norman and your badly injured. April is also a lot faster than Norman so…good luck there.
    Lemmy-Ladies and gentlemen I give you the closest thing to Angel. Let me put it this way: ANGEL WAS LITERALLY WHOOPING BRYCE’S ASS UNTIL BECK GOT INVOLVED. Now your dealing with a similar person with a more effective fighting style and a Kick that could literally kill someone. Not only that Lemmy is used to fighting a lot stronger and bigger than him. Lemmy is technical, more so than Angel so he can slip through Norman and if he gets to you, That’s you out for 3 days.
    Jalyne the sniper: She’s a literal ram. Slippery and aggressive. Her build screams athletic so expect he to pull of some crazy tricks and flips to get past Norman.
    Annie: By far the weakest person who can get to Bryce alone but this is for a different reason. She knows Norman’s traits and habits. I.E. she knows what Normans attacks are and can dodge them easily. Not to mention Annie I believe is the only person on this list that has a gun.

    1. I didn’t even notice how badly injured he really was.

  15. did he use some type of syrime to tame him

  16. Welcome to chapter 10 of little tails, where everyone’s a bad guy and no one is trustworthy. Now with new character abilities that make this look more like a crazy man’s vision of the end of the world. Little Tails presents: the walking dead.

    He’s in the Mobius Unleashed Universe in Stick’s bunker again.
    He’s called Angelcam07.

    1. I just read that not to long ago!
      His comment was the same as mine on the recent 3 chapters of Little tails: Was this comic always dark and depressing?!

      1. I mean pg 2 of it Its basically talking about Ch 10 of this in a nutshell.
        I now see where you got inspiration from BBMBBF.

      2. The complete tonal shift between Chapters 9 and 10 still confuses me. How did a functioning city get turned into a post apocalyptic society in one chapter?
        The previous 9 chapters felt like a slice of life comic with a bit of mystery, but this chapter feels like a completely different story and I feel like we skipped a lot of chapters.

        1. I said this before and I’ll say it again. LITERALLY NO ONE WANTS THIS TO BE STATIONARY IN AN APOCALYPTIC SETTING. This is why a lot of us are praying this is just a godforsaken nightmare from a character. Now that I think about it, the characters, the lack of info on Angel, this dream is probably Beck’s or Lemmy’s. But it probably isn’t. It’ll suck bc this isn’t about Angel and the people he interacts with anymore. Its a bigger picture, one that i fear is to large to fully understand. Don’t set me wrong its exciting and I am intrigued to see where this goes. Angel please be alive.

  18. I remember when I started reading Little Tails I absolutely loved Bryce as a character. A charming, good looking, nice character with a shy side. He reminds me of, well, me. Now I don’t see Bryce, I see an imposter. I see a monster. I see a murderer and a torturer. I see a person who completely forget who he was. He lived long enough to become a villain. Palam can attest to the idea of him being brainwashed but I don’t know anymore. I miss the old Bryce. It’s a shame about the pool incident I feel like Angel and Bryce would’ve been great friends.

    1. “It’s a shame about the pool incident I feel like Angel and Bryce would’ve been great friends.”
      Only in an alternate universe…sadly…
      Also i like how your profile picture is Starjack and me (or…well, our profile pictures)

    2. Maybe, but Bryce did meet Annie in Chapter 2 and it seemed that it could end up in some relationship, but that never materialized at all.

      1. You can thank the pool incident for that. But Ru li did bring up an interesting point about the probability of Angel being in a coma. Maybe that incident didn’t happen at all.

  19. Ok I reread some chapters and here is the jiff and this is what got me thinking. Angel is still in a coma because anything after him getting hit by the car does not make sense because of the bell. He was raised by his mom annie was raised by the father. April’s bell is cannon and she left it at his house. Now here is the kicker angel’s bio he loves super hero comics. All this has a lot of cannon behind this thought.

    1. OK…Now THIS is a theory I can get behind but we may need another perspective.

      1. Now this is where it gets hard if you deny the bell being cannon then he never gets hit by the car and the story starts at the hospital. But if the bell is cannon then chapter 6 and part of 8 does not happen.

        1. Now this is a call and a half. Very strong theory and it has some things I want to look at.
          Number one is actually the point in how him being in a coma would make a lot of sense. Him being in a coma can have him be put in his outlandish imagination that he is a part of. So his coma involvement makes his entire train of thought go berserk as he lives in an alternative reality.
          Number two is the fact that Ellie did die and Angel as we know is very badly effected by the loss of his mom for good reason. Which could be why Angel would have her alive in this false reality.
          Number three is that the bell is a object of symbolism to describe something. I’m not sure what but it does have meaning. If you have an idea let me know.
          Now here is the real kicker: He woke up and was put back in a coma. When? End of chapter six. In the hospital bed tied up, he woke up. he was back in reality only to be forced back into a coma due to drugs. Remember when everyone was questioning why Audrey was outside the door crying? She knew he had awaken and that Benedict instructed the doctors to overdose him. The phrase “another dose” confirms it. Another thing is if you look at Chapter 3 you’ll notice something else. Angel was in the same room. So here’s my take. He was hit by the car yes, and the nurse was correct it was nothing serious. He fell into a coma because he was OD’d. Twice. Once in Chapter 3, the other in chapter 6.
          Now the reason why I think this is because in some stories, the events that have happened in a dream/coma that lead to something bad (In this case the apocalypse) have some element of truth behind it. Chapter 2 and 7 confirms Benedict is a bad man. And in this Coma it states that Benedict was responsible to this whole thing. So whenever Angel wakes up and escapes, he will round up his enemies into his allies to try and stop him. This means Bryce and Hoku will work with him to try and find what Benedict is hiding.
          This is a Massive theory with a low probability but if this is the case, it makes sense.

        2. @LTRG why would he round up his ENEMIES in the coma in real life?

        3. “the fact that Ellie did die and Angel as we know is very badly effected by the loss of his mom for good reason. Which could be why Angel would have her alive in this false reality.”
          That makes a LOT of sense. I didn’t even see it but him having Ellie alive in his coma could be because he badly misses his mother.

      2. Another bad thing is with the bell and with out it. With bell angel annie and april were an item and annie would be a good person. With out angel and annie were an item and annie would be an evil person. Oh and if angel is not in a coma his powers are psychic being able to see ghost telekinesis and foresight he also has speed and power and if he was able to survive the blast he also has resistance from kinetic energy.

    2. Here’s the thing, could someone normally still be in a coma even at a older age, assuming Angel has grown up like Annie and others and the accident with the car did happen when he was young? LTRG mentioned about him being in a coma multiple times in some chapters but wasn’t he at the same age during those chapters?

      1. My theory is different from his theory. My coma theory is he is a child who read a lot of hero comics he then got hit by the car which put him into a coma. Nothing of which is real after a point in time. The reason of my beliefs are some plot holes that were made.

      2. If timelines match up, Angel was 17-18 when he was struck by a car. But the thing about comas is that in comas, the person experiencing one can have years pass and time skips. What was this chapter? which is probably why in Chapter 6 the doctor said “The subject was woken up already.” LTRG strongly emphasizes the coma idea but what I believe he is incorporating is that that everything that supposedly happened from April yelling at him in the room, to the pool fight was all in his head. When in reality. That so called “Week long span (according to chapter 4)” was a day or less in real time. So the amount of time that passed in Angel’s head in real time was a few hours. So that time pass that was Years supposedly was actually days in real time.
        But here’s the problem with LTRG’s ideology. How would Angel know what’s going on in other peoples heads? He is looking through a 3rd person perspective. If he WAS in a coma he obviously wouldn’t know about half of the characters. He only saw Annie, April, Alfred, Audrey, Finn, Ellie, Evan, and maybe Benedict or Beck. Cathy according to an LTRG theory is a figment of Angel’s imagination that is a combination of every name you see above.
        However here’s the list of people he never saw:
        The Sniper (Somebody clarify her name please)
        Lemmy (who you can make a case for, is a similar figure to Angel)
        Even smaller characters with massive roles, like Nurse Hiroku the one that gave beck the info on Bryce, Harem girls like Amanda and Claire who found out Mya was a traitor.
        How would Angel know about them? The main purpose of this Coma makes sense but the problem is with Angel being in a coma is that he doesn’t know all these people. The only people who could know who they are are Audrey and Beck. And their just fine.

        1. He may have miss worded and miss spaced things

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