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20 thoughts on “Chapter 11 – Page 03

  1. So much for “wait, it’ll make sense later on” thing. This asks more questions than anything. Mainly because it paints Audrey as an ignorant and Benedict somewhat stupid. And what does this have anything to do with Cathy? Why compare global investigators to an 18 year old clairvoyant?

    1. Simple, they aren’t.
      In reality this was set up perfectly. If you cross examine this with the little knowledge gained from Chapter 10 and what Benedict is saying here, Benedict is talking about his own actions and he doesn’t know it. The idea of “war” is mainly a reference to the city falling into ruin and becoming a warzone. Kinda like In Call Of Duty Advanced warfare, it’s a dominant military, sciences, and weapons conglomerate known as the massive corporation of “Black Cats” and their army of ferals to take of the world with a similar ideology to Hitler in WW2. This ideology of “having experts who can Predict the worst consequence,” that’s not only Cathy, but Ellie, and if what Pooml theorized was true the virus’ internal corruption itself.
      And Audrey’s take here is actually a really good one. We don’t realize the power of spyware. Have you ever talked about a car or book or clothes and you open your phone to find ads of those exact things? That “magic” happens because of spying done on you without you really knowing. The internet is a dark place, nevermind the dark web. It’s an evil created by proxy.
      And I like how Benedict mentions Knowledge with a numerical take on things (idea of numbers). Calculations are just that, numbers. Numbers don’t tell the full story. But it can infer greater if it is paired with knowledge. Humans are free to do anything and what one person can generally do is unpredictable, but using knowledge you can infer what a person can do. It comes in patterns of both obvious and repeatable actions of situations. For example, if you see a person peering out into the street from the side and looking left and right, you can infer that that person is probably trying to cross the road. It’s the same thing as Benedict’s example last page, and it focuses on knowledge. Now put numbers into Benedict’s orange example. The orange was rolled with enough kinetic energy to roll off the desk. That orange still has momentum when it rolls off the table, hence why it doesn’t just drop vertically to the floor after falling. The momentum of the ball causes it to keep moving forward after it rolls off the table. Using the correct equations, you can determine the trajectory of the orange when it falls, even if it’s an estimate. Knowledge deals with the logical and humanic impact, and numbers deal with mathematical proof. And numbers never lie, you’ll always get a correct answer with numbers, but when it comes to world impacting decisions, it’ll have to take a “Complex Calculation” regarding a mixture of Knowledge and Numbers to try and find a near absolute solution that has the highest likelihood of happening. But then again, these calculations can change at any time since knowledge has no bound and no limit. Even the slightest gain of any knowledge can make a most likely occurrence Impossible, which is exactly the point. It’s beautifully written honestly.

      1. Tell me you’re an Oxford Grad without telling me you’re an Oxford grad

  2. Another monologue incoming. It was bound to happen at some point.

  3. Well i know Benedict is a scientist but all that hubbub of explanation have me feeling kind of dizzy.

  4. This page feels like a mouthful. And I still don’t know what this chapter is about at this moment.

  5. I feel like we’ll need to keep this in mind later on, but I am what you would call not smart. I’m not really understanding what’s going on here. I don’t even think it’s that smart, Benedict is just stating the obvious. What he’s saying is right, but absolutely none of this relates to Cathy or Angel or any other person. The message is extremely vague to lead us into a deep sense of thought. Remember he’s not talking to us, he’s talking to Audrey. Ferrari was right, we have to wait for it to come full circle. Remember how BBMBBF writes, start out asking questions that are supposed to make the reader confused, only for outlandish messages like this one to make sense as the chapter progresses. Same with Chapter 10, everyone was super confused and nothing made sense, and then it all came crashing down and suddenly it all made sense. Don’t be duped by Benedict saying “Just think about it,” that’s intentional to make the reader think about it as well.

  6. Again guys, I know this is caused because I update every 10 or 12 days (hard times on my business and I need to focus on stuff that actually produce me some income, economical situation is not the best for me right now), the thing is, making conclusions for a mid dialogue page it’s not good, In previous page i had to add that “but..” at the end of the page just to make it obvious that he didn’t finished his speech, and on this page he again didn’t finished his speech (even if you see audrey outside you can still “hear his voice” ,…. I can’t make point counclusive pages always, some dialogs require more than a single page, I needed just one extra panel to finish his speech but the page was already overflowed with too much words, so I had to move the end of his speech to the next page. I beg you Patience, specially when you critique my work, Last time took me a whole year to unblock my mind, and to decide continue because the critics about the cathy’s dream on previous chapter was too harsh.. (people didn’t knew she was dreaming, I didn’t wanted to reveal, but then people started attacking me for moving the timeline of the comic so forward…)

    1. I’ll be the first to apologise. These “comments” aren’t meant to criticize you in any way. We are aware and ok with you taking a week or so for pages. Understand these comments aren’t there to criticise you or your work, It has nothing to do with that. In reality the comment section is really just used as a discussion panel for us, the readers, your fans. This community is alive because of overthinking and over dramatic takes and opinions as if we’re just a couple of mates at the pub. These aren’t meant to judge you. More or less it’s us trying to figure out the characters. We’re lore hungry, that criticism of Cathy’s dream was just us theorizing like crazy. That was a curveball and safe to say it excited the hell out of us. Nothing but positivity is meant for you, we are just showing emotion about the characters. You’re doing great, you’re creating a mystery. We’re all doing a piss poor impersonation of Sherlock Holmes. We love the comic, we love you especially, and we’re here for you. And always will.

    2. I didn’t know that this was hurting you I’m sorry. It’s not my intention to hurt you or discredit or criticize your work in any way. I don’t say things with the intention of you reading them. This isn’t about what I want to happen or what anyone else wants to happen. I’m sorry if it seemed like I was an armchair writer in my comments. In reality I wanted to voice these comments to other people. “Another monologue incoming. It was bound to happen at some point.” <<<What I said here wasn't meant to be read with any negative connotation. It's just what I feel like is going to happen. It's an inference. The chapter just started and a lot of us are hyped up for its return. Yeah we'll say "i don't get it" or "it doesn't make sense to me" because it's not supposed to. No book or movie i saw went exactly as I expected. We're wise-asses, we try to figure out something that probably doesn't exist. A lot of our theories are wrong, yes. As a matter of fact when a theory is proven correct or incorrect, we go NUTS.
      In the end this is your work here. Do with it as you wish. This isn't about seeing what we want, its about seeing what you come up with. THAT EXCITES US. That's why we're impatient. This excites us, we're drawn into this world, the cast of characters is elite. Im sorry we're so hard on you but we're just spoiled by you're work. We love this shit and we adore your creativity and artistic ability. ENGLISH ISN'T EVEN YOU'RE MAIN LANGUAGE AND IT'S BETTER THAN 90% OF SHIT OUT THERE. We're here for you, never against you.
      Love you bro, Keep ya head up king

    3. This is why I am not making any conclusions about this chapter yet. This chapter just started and I feel like it’s too early to make any conclusions. I feel guilty of this last chapter too because I was too busy wondering what happened that caused everything to go crazy, even though I like the concepts, ideas, and character designs (Like Norman). I do plan on saying as little as possible until a few pages for me to have a better idea of what this chapter entails.

    4. To be honest, i was glad Angel is still alive so i wasn’t bother about it being Cathy’s dream and all. I don’t know but i don’t remember seeing anybody attacking you for that, unless i miss something.

  7. Must say , I didn’t mean to criticize you either, I love your comments in general, it’s what helped me decide to continue with the comic this month… thanks for being my followers and for being interested in this story.

    1. Thanks BBMBBF. With how the last couple chapters went and all the ideas and concepts thrown around, I enjoyed the story and kept me guessing at every turn and wondering what will happen to these characters next.
      Also, I did like the mutants/ferals idea once I managed to read it a couple times.

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    1. Or better, he can purchase “Innocence Lost” portfolio XD

      1. I tell the guy the same thing in the last page. So ignorant😒

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