Published On: September 11, 2021

4 thoughts on “Chapter 07 – Page 18

  1. Got a little theory for this one. As I looked a little closer, I saw some of the girls from Benedict’s harem in the hospital room that Audrey went inside. I could see how Audrey notices that the girls appear beautiful, young and clean-looking. So this could mean that Benedict only chooses girls with those 3 features to be a part of his harem. Another thing that I noticed was how the girls had tired or worried expressions on their faces like the girl with periwinkle hair tied into a bun ( I think her name is Yuna from what I remember?), so in my opinion were they possibly drugged? Well that’s what I have for now. Tell if missed something or that I should add more detail<3

    1. Pues, mira, yo pienso que como Benedict es millonario, a lo mejor en secreto es pedófilo y se encarga de secuestrar jóvenes con la excusa de que las va a educar ó regalarles dinero (ya que en mi teoría yo pienso de que esas jóvenes del hospital son jóvenes pobres) ó una mamada así, y la única razón por la que la policía no arresta á Benedict es por que él les da mucho dinero (los soborna) para que así no lo arresten.

  2. Ok time to break out the spreadsheet:
    So the brown girl on the bottom left that’s getting the stick, her name is Amanda.
    Not the girls on the beds, I’m going to number them in columns like this:
    Bed 1——–Bed 5 (Amanda)
    Bed 2——–Bed 6
    Bed 3——–Bed 7
    Bed 4——–Bed 8
    *where Audrey is standing*
    *going by this list*
    The girl in bed 7 is “Zaya”
    The girl in bed 4 is “Meiling”
    The girl; in bed 1 is “Sally”
    As for the other girls, I don’t know, you guys can take your pick.
    As for the girls that aren’t here:
    Fan Favorites Cass, Harmony, Nurse Natsuki, and Holly the Hairdresser, Michelle, and Kathy (fraggle)
    Other girls roaming around are Aria, Emiko, Sheela, Asha, Skye, Chani, Jenny, Naomi, Natsumi, and a bunch of other adjurai characters
    For the guys somewhere roaming in the backgrounds there’s lovable doofus Scotty Kat, Lee, Skynex, and Buster the infamous Ghostbuster fox

  3. I believe the girl in bed 2 is Zeline
    The girl in bed 3 is Shea
    The girl in bed 6 is Yuna
    And lastly the girl in bed eight is Delilah

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