If you have more ideas that you want to see please let me know
If you have more ideas that you want to see please let me know
Published On: April 24, 2023

72 thoughts on “Rollercoaster Fun – (idea by Starjack)

  1. Nice and wholesome picture of the two siblings. They must be having fun.

  2. Nice picture of the two siblings. They must be having lots of fun.

  3. Wholesome pic, lovely <3

    Here's a not-so-wholesome idea:

    A picture of Angel Masturbating to an image of Annie (perhaps an already existing one from the many many pics of her that exist could be used:3).
    And Annie is peeking through the door and sees him, blushing of course, perhaps a bit flattered ^.^

    1. My idea is better.
      A picture of the siblings showing their paws.
      Soft, clean paws, no smell or anything disgusting, xd.

  4. AHH LOVE IT!!! Thank you bbmbbff 👍👍👍😎

    1. Consider it a loyalty reward. You’ve been here for what? 10 years? A full decade? Crazy to think. I was 14 years old when Chapter 1 was released and I’m now 23. Wild.

      1. It does seem a while i was here. The first time i come here, the old site was still intact, i was still working and i did purchase the first Innocence Lost portfolio. Feel like i was here since 2013/2014-ish.

  5. Now that I think, I wanna know, when did you guys start reading? How old were you and how old are you now? I can’t remember exactly when I started as in the year but I remember it was Chapter 8. What was that 2018-2019-2020? I remember it was around the time I finished school. I was still living in Lacovia too, man time flies.

    1. Well I came in late 2019 and then tailed off. Back then I wasn’t known as Ferrari I was something else. I had a lot of fake aliases back then. I came back summer of 2020 and then the old plugin exploded and we had like 70 people commenting on a page that was literally Annie looking through a hole. Fun times honestly.

    2. Started reading it around the start of Chapter 9, but I didn’t start commenting in it until chapter 10. I was LT Palam for a time before changing it.

    3. Well i have been following the series since all the way back during “Those good old games” basically i been here form the very begining till now^^

    4. I was late 2020 probably with the boom. the latest page had like 7 comments on it. this was back when Cruchl was here (anyone remember him?). Few months pass and somewhere we got 2 pages drop back to back and everyone was hype. I remember that community peak too, a lot of people we know now came in. Honestly reading the names is almost like I’m listing off a draft class. Around that time we got idiosyncrasy, Canadiaboy, Timid T, Pooml (Please tell me none of you forgot Pooml), LT Palam, Yinzertown, Rebecca, Juju, Sn3ko, LTL, loyol, Ferrari, and the LTRG. We even had Angel comment at one point. ACTUAL ANGEL.
      2021-2022 had others join in. Cruz, A german and a korean guy, CassCloud, Tailsdoll, Akenoy, Asriel, Palguard, Kittymoon, Robert, Ru li, Fairykitty, and who can forget Yowki and the famous chronicle that became the backbone of fandom and lore.
      The latest addition to the club though, Trinidadian Shitposter. Honestly him coming in and asking good questions was great for us. And bravo for accepting him so quickly. Dude fit like a glove.
      Correct me if anything is wrong, most of this is just randomly stuck in my head.

      1. From what i can tell ya~ Me and Icarus both have been around since the very begining, however I personally just never really commented as I am more of a lurker personally.
        As for Icarus i think he goes by
        LittleTailsLover on here….but yeah his oc is Icarus and his discord name.

        btw my discord is Yagyuu Jubei and i am the one that comissions all the cub ellie art~

        1. Wallochia Palam

          Icarus/LittleTailsLover and I know each other from Discord too. Had a lot of fun discussing Little Tails a bit, especially explaining how Chapter 10 became the apocalypse and we explained what happened to some of these people and discussed theories a bit.
          Also, LT Palam was me from the old site. I switched it to Wallochia Palam after the website switched.

      2. Oh Cruchl, where did he go?

        1. I trying was trying to remember the guy who i does always have great back to back posts on updates especially on the old site. I think Cruchl was that guy. I even admit missing him.

      3. “We even had Angel comment at one point. ACTUAL ANGEL.”

        Was Angel from Little Tails really able to somehow teleport from his reality to ours and post a comment? And if so, could you give me proof that Angel posted that comment?

        By the way, thanks for mentioning me in your post.

    5. I joined you lot around august 2020. I had just moved from Leeds to London.

    6. I was introduced to the comic in November 2018, when I was in high school. I was about twelve years old and had just discovered Palcomix (and porn). I remember the first page I saw was page 43 of chapter 10.

      Since then I haven’t stopped watching the Little Tails comic. Everything Palcomix does related to LT is just a new wonder for me.
      Now I am 17 years old. Damn, it’s true that time passes very quickly.

  6. Pawcri sibilings having fun

    1. I don’t think Annie and Angel have the last name “Pawcri”.

      1. It’s a last name I came up for them years ago. More of a connection for the readers then just having their first names.

        1. The amount of last names thrown about has always been a debated topic since 2020. A lot of names were thrown around via examples. The biggest one was when JJ decided to make LTFC (Little Tails Football Club) and its starting 11. The lad even made custom fifa cards for them it was brilliant.
          If i remember correctly (JJ my apologies in advance if I butchered these)
          *here’s the order it’s in
          Position-Name-OVR Rating
          LW-Bryce Farrel-92
          ST-Angel Benitez-95
          RW-Hoku Brown-88
          CM-Audrey Dixon-97
          CDM-Alfred Valdez-Costa-82
          CM-Cathy Hernandez-94
          LB-April Valdez-Costa-89
          CB-Ethan Blaine-87
          CB -Beck Macallister-93
          RB-Leonardo “Lemmy” Coulini-91
          GK-Evan Nielson-85
          CF-Gabriel Diaz-80
          RB-Annie Benitez-79
          CAM-Harmony Greneer-76
          CDM-Cassandra Lawrence-81
          LW-Rose Grenadine-84
          GK-Norman Polk-74
          CAM-Romira Encanto-55
          CB-Finn Benitez-67
          CM-Mya Diaz-66
          CDM-Ellie Benoit-60
          RW-Holly Reese-70
          CF-Michelle Pizarro-75
          This whole thing really started the race for last names. Most of these are guesses though. JJ, please feel free to prove how much of a nonce I am.

        2. You didn’t do terrible. The ratings are a bit missed but the names you got a good amount of. I’ll fix the ratings later but for now I’ll do the names that I actually put that you missed.
          Hoku Milankova
          Evan Neal
          Beckham Mcallister
          Mya Brown
          Gabrial Brown
          Harmony White
          Cass Casanova
          Roselle Lazzaro
          Norman Diaz
          Romi Ezelle
          Holly Hennessy
          Michelle Thomas

  7. I don’t know if you’re still accepting requests but I kinda want to request something involving April and Norman or something involving Bryce and Beck.

    1. Sure, give me those two ideas, and i’ll choose one if i like it ^^

      1. For Bryce/Beck, I was thinking something like a date of them having a dinner or them doing something nice.
        April/Norman could be in class together, seeing what Norman looks like when he’s normal and healthy.
        For the chapter 10 dream, maybe have April and Norman having fun as mutants?

        These are just some ideas I have… Maybe could suggest more if you want.

      2. Hear me out: Chapter 11 page 7
        (this is not meant to be passive aggressive this is just me seizing an opportunity)

        1. Great, Ferrari, playing the fortune teller, haha.

      3. Here is a fun idea, Angel and April getting a little too close while dancing, and in the background Alfred and Annie’s mouths dropped to the floor.

  8. Damn. I want to fuck Annie. I can not take it anymore. Every time I go to see Annie I get a massive boner. I have seen literally every rule 34 post there is of her online and her porn parodies. My dreams are nothing more than constant sex with Annie. I’m tired of waking up every morning with 6 puddles of cum in my boxers knowing that all those puddles should have been ejaculated in Annie’s tight vagina. I want her to have my cat-human hybrid babies. Shit, my mom saw me fucking the neighbor’s cat. He had put her in sexy lingerie to make her look like Annie. Mom hasn’t said a word to me in 10 hours and I’m worried she’s going to take my phone with pictures of Annie’s rule34 on it. I may never see Annie again, goodbye and thank you humans.

    1. I…I’m so confused…this is probably the most reddit thing I’ve ever seen

      1. In effect, this is a reddit copypaste. The original was in Spanish, and contained to Patatapum (Character from Plants vs. Zombies) instead of Annie. Well, hehe, all I did was replace the character with Annie, and incidentally translate her into English (why doesn’t anyone answer to my comments written in Spanish?).

    2. Not to sound weird but i have heard some cases in real like of people having sex with animals like dogs especially. Hardly heard it of a cat though. Even though i don’t want to believe it but one would only wondered what motivates them to do that. Have they been watching too much anime porn with feral or anthropomorphic characters?

      1. you discovered me.
        Yes, I like porn.
        But I only like animated porn (Hentai, furry porn).
        I don’t like human mating porn. It shits me, I hate it, it’s fucking shit (at least for me).

  9. Another excerpt from the LT Diary:
    Angel’s Journal entry: November 6, 2015,
    Status report: No signs of the teacher or the weird girl that attacked me at the party. I’ve been nonstop getting notifications of updates on whatever news arises regarding that nightclub incident, praying for anything resembling an answer. Hopes are low but I’m still anticipating something to be uncovered that’ll at the very least help me make some sort of sense of what is going on or better yet what transpired. Police came into our house yesterday and questioned Annie and me. Annie chose to remain silent (however if that is due to her invoking her right to do so or if she was too uncomfortable to even speak is to be determined) and I said I wouldn’t speak unless I had a lawyer present. The video evidence of me fighting was all terribly filmed grainy footage that couldn’t identify anyone outside the back of heads, let alone who was fighting. Voice makeout was impossible thanks to the intensive shouting and loud music. At this current time, the authorities don’t have anything close to solid evidence/reasoning to suspect anyone. It’s already enough of a hassle figuring out who to question. Many loudmouths will get chatty sure, but the witness list is really just a makeshift attendee list. The earliest media conclusion reached was that a gas leak caused the explosion. Then the eyewitness testimonies came out saying “There was a fight and a girl pulled a detonator” or “there was a suicide bomber” or “The explosion came from the opposite side of where the fight went down.” The most outlandish one though was that “the fight never really happened and that the room was gassed before the explosion.” I won’t lie, I laughed when reading that one. Everybody is scrambling for an answer and nobody knows where to start looking. It’s like a bunch of chickens running around with their heads cut off. The authorities are just as clueless as we civilians are. There is one thing that is a known fact: over the last 6 days, there has been a total of 21 hospitalizations and 1 confirmed death in the explosion. That death was a 17-year-old tourist from the Oestla Republic, some 136 miles west of here. On another note, Cathy reemerged while I was out buying groceries, and said It would be best to get in contact with Beck, the guy who hit me with the car nearly 2 months ago. She slipped me a postcode and a time to be there. I have a gut feeling this is a trap but part of me trusts her. She said Annie (well, her exact words were “your sister”) would be fine as long as she had someone to watch over her. Then she left. When I got back home, April was in the kitchen baking up a new batch of muffins. Regardless, I had work to do. After putting the groceries away, I called Evan and arranged for him and April to watch over Annie while I’m gone. The time scheduled was tomorrow at 8:45 not too far from the docks. Best believe I’m not going unprepared. I already made a makeshift bulletproof vest, and yes, I own a firearm. About 3-4 days ago, me and April decided it was best to prepare for the worst and went to buy a gun we could use to defend ourselves. That day I actually learned that April had a fascination with guns. While I ended up picking a standard USP .45, she bought a TS22 semi-automatic combat shotgun. She was even able to shoot a model PPSH-41 at the in-house range they had there (the guy was nice enough to let her shoot it). Who knew the cute pink girl with succulent red eyes would end up having a thing for firearms (especially SMGs). But I digress. The location is rather sketchy, but then again, what isn’t in this modern climate? What is home to many others is slowly turning into the wild west. I’m just preparing for the worst. What is this “worst” I am referring to? Well, let’s just say I was depressed, and I still am, but with every passing week, I feel like death is creeping up on me. I’m not suicidal, but I have no confidence that I’ll live all the way to 30. I think my name has been written on the death note already. If I’m lucky enough, I’ll have about 10 more years to live before my premature, silent passing.

    1. I wonder what a LT Diary from a Bryce POV would look like

      1. Bryce’s September Reflection is in the works. As of now, Here are the LT Diary excerpts that have been completed:
        • Alfred’s Aftershock: November 2, 2015.
        • Audrey’s letter to Cathy: October 8, 2015,
        • April’s brain dump: 9:22 p.m. November 9, 2015,
        • Angel’s Journal entry: November 6, 2015,
        • Annie’s Audio log: September 21, 2015,
        • ***NEW*** Hoku’s Mission Report: November 1, 2015,
        As for the ones I’m still working on:
        • Bryce’s September Reflection: September 30, 2015
        • Finn’s Ellie_File.exe: 2003
        • Party explosion short News Interviews (Featuring Cass, Harmony, Rose, Romi, and others)
        If you want me to post anything I have here that is completed, feel free to ask and I’ll post it. And if you guys want to give me ideas for what to add to the LT Diary, feel free to ask.

        1. Wallochia Palam

          Do you have a document or something that has the diary excerpts?

        2. JK Drulio Julio

          Yes, all these excerpts are kept in a private document.

        3. Hoku’s Mission report has me intrigued

        4. I’m quite enjoying the log entries. Even if they’re not canon they’re interesting. That is unless BBMBBF decides to throw the biggest curveball of the millenium and make one of these canon.

  10. BBMBBF talk to me, you good fam?
    It’s been long since we heard from you

    1. Yes yes, just too focused on working these days,that’s all ^^

      1. I take it writer’s block is stopping you from progressing with the story?

  11. Starjack my friend, allow me to teach you something that isn’t very pleasant.
    2 key terms: Zoophilia and Beastiality (please don’t look these up, especially the latter)
    Zoophilia is the having a physical or sexual attraction to animals. Some call it being a Pet-homosexual (as bad as Pedophilia).
    Beastiality is the act of engaging in sexual activity with animals (tamed or feral). As disgusting as it is, it’s not really illegal the same way pedophilia is. You can find pet porn but not child porn (thankfully). People really need to understand this is a problem.
    *Furry nature isn’t zoophilia, it’s just cost play and perfectly legal.

    1. Funny how you said not too look up those two terms (zoophilia and bestiality) even when I’m already familiar with them. Though if i see a guy having sex with a dog or cat, i does stay far away.😝

  12. Well if there’s nothing new, make something new I guess.
    Hoku’s Mission report is coming soon. Anything in particular do you guys want me to write. I’m open to suggestions. (in other words, I have way too much time to myself)

    1. The Bryce Reflection is the one I like to see the most.
      Also I wonder if there is a place where we can see all the diary entries…

      1. ask and you shall receive I guess.

    2. Friend, I like your writings.
      I have an idea, why don’t you create a web page (like blogspot for example) to be able to upload all Little Tails diary entries?
      If I were you, I would do it without hesitation. Other than that, if you create a web page and upload the writings, they will look neat and clean. Also, I think the writings could be part of the Littletailsverse. I do not know, think about it. I see a lot of potential in your writings.

  13. I’ve always wondered, what do Annie and Angel’s paws smell like?

  14. I wonder if there will be more LT images to share?

    1. Yes. There are more images of Little Tails to share uwu.

      “https://rule34.xxx/index.php?page=post&s=list&tags=little_tails” and “https://xbooru.com/index.php?page=post&s=list&tags=little_tails”.

  15. **LT DIARY EXCERPT 1 of 2***
    Hoku’s Mission Report: November 1, 2015,
    Operation Fallen Angel.
    Primary Objective: Capture Patient 1 for extraction-Status: Failed
    Secondary Objective: Capture Sister as Hostage/Bait-Status: Failed
    Casualty report: 1, Inmate 5607 KIA. Died fighting Patient 1.
    Notes: All of our plans failed. Possibly altered thanks to some dumbass mixing vodka and Gin with the punch. A drunken crowd ruined our failsafe to our failsafe. Any chance of having Patient 1 arrested was lost thanks to a drunk DJ blasting music, terrible video quality, and an incompetent crowd. As for plan B, the firebomb worked to perfection. But, of course, patient one wasn’t even phased. By the time I completed my “after-flame route” Patient 1 had already gone to kill Inmate 5607. He was dead before I could intervene. I tried to carry out the capture on my own but he was too strong, and I had to abort before I became a casualty. No, he hasn’t gone through any form of feral mutation. He’s in a prime physical state, though not visibly so. The sister capture failed due to team 5 getting scared off by Patient 1. Bastards. Bunch of Bastards. Farrel’s mission was successful, however, the risk of him becoming rogue is growing with every passing day. To be honest, I’m starting to feel very skeptical about this whole ordeal. I don’t like how every time we try to pursue Patient 1, we fail or he escapes. We thought we had him in early October, and the plan was to run him side-by-side with Farrel. That fell out because the kid was discharged and fled, and no one knew because somebody (probably an intern) filled out his papers and let him leave before putting it into the database or scanning him out. God knows how long he wasn’t there. He could’ve been marked in a room for a full day when the room in actuality was empty. Worse so, we don’t have access to the main cameras in the public buildings so we don’t even know how he got out, who was with him, or anything because the front desk signout was not required. Focusing back on Farrel for a second, I mentioned the threat of him going rogue. After his mission, he had to be put in a ward because he had lost control. Yelling, screaming, ramming the door repeatedly, breakdowns, you name it. Farrel hasn’t spoken at all since his mission. He’s refused to eat, drink, or sleep at all. Some possibilities being thrown around are that this is a hormonal response or just a reaction to a migraine of some sort. I don’t buy it, he’s personally hurt. Sometimes we forget others have hearts that aren’t cold. And as much as he needs a therapist, he is just a lab subject. Science takes to prisoners in its war with so-called-heart and belief. He’ll go numb soon, and with it, it’ll be easy. One can only hope he falls into despair, and fast. We’re already running far behind with this entire Patient 1 situation, he’s as good as gone by now. This is why clairvoyance should never be listened to. Ever.

  16. ***LT DIARY EXCERPT 2 OF 2***
    (to the enjoyment of Wallochia Palam)
    Bryce’s Monthly reflection: September 30, 2015,
    This has certainly been one of the months of all time. And It was definitely a month. Jam-packed nothingness for 3 weeks and then R-chaos (RKO) out of nowhere at the end of the month. I’m not even going to try and remember the first 3 weeks. If anything this past week might as well have been a full month. It felt as if it was that long anyway. I’m half convinced the first 3 weeks didn’t happen at all it was that bland. That is until one day, literally, everything everywhere all at once happened in order like it was dominoes falling over. That sentence I just said makes just as much sense as anything that happened the last few days. I promised myself I wouldn’t fall in love again, Then I met Annie and everything went out the window. What I would give to keep that as the highlight of my day. Annie had me on cloud 9 come evening. We meet at like 10 in the morning because she forgot her umbrella. God, she was so cute I wanted to melt like ice cream in the sun. I can go on about how we played volleyball and she actually KISSED me or how her top came loose and I had to help her put it back on but NOOOOO. While I was explaining this to my friend Beck the REAL highlight of my day happened. What did he do? On the way to talk to me face to face, he hits a pedestrian with his car. Come to find out this fucker is Annie’s brother. I thought he was related from the second I saw him in a hospital bed. Granted, I was thinking cousin, NOT HER DIRECT BROTHER. The follow-up day was just the most stressful day of Beck’s life, and whatever reassurance that Beck felt talking to him before Annie came up was completely erased when she slapped him. It was 24 hours of pure chaos and then silence. I don’t even know if I can talk to Annie anymore. One thing I know for sure though, is I was right; Love is twisted and hurts directly or indirectly, or both at the same time.

  17. How are you donig bbmbbf are thinngs going ok for you and your loved ones famley?

  18. Hello. Everyone’s favorite jamaican (soon american) freak here checking to see if you guys are still alive.

    1. Yeah. I’m alive.
      We’re all just waiting for an update.

  19. Will there be another update coming soon?
    Like an image or something?

  20. I admit it, I want to lick Annie and Angel’s paws.

  21. This is so, so, quiet 🥱. It feels like a permanent vacation. Is everything cool bbmbbf?

    1. I hate to be that guy but I’m gonna be that guy. Theres nothing to talk about. ATP I’m pretty sure everyone j checks this page once a week to see if there’s something new. A comment, an announcement, anything. I’m afraid we’re in another 2019-2020 lapse…I don’t think we’re gonna get anything for a while. It’s not BBMBBFs fault. Life just happens and the bills have no silver spoon (plus Peru and Mexico’s governments are still busy having a pissing contest with each other, ignoring how much their countries are struggling).Not to mention a lot of us are swamped as is with another incoming economical crisis (thanks Russia and India).

  22. I feel like I’m talking into the void when I say this but are ANY of you ALIVE? or is this like that one SpongeBob episode where he gets abandoned for a day

  23. IK im very late but i wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

    1. likewise my friend. Love you guys.

    2. Same here, happy new year. I’ve been busy these days so couldn’t study this page or when the next update will come.

  24. So I found out he is making content on his twitter, but it isnt the tails comic, wish he will come back soon.

  25. It’s been one year since this came out…

    1. I’ve started writing multiple stories of my own in that time. I feel like i’m talking into the void when I say this but is it just us 3?

      1. I’m not sure. Though I am keeping myself busy doing other things.

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