Please read my latest post/message,  I need some help of the fans with some info.



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-All Comic Pages Restored

After couple of days uploading page by page all the pages are uploaded (over 300, i’m surprised). there’s some thing left that I have to fix yet, like the gallery and characters profile.. Tho.. can you guys help me what the profiles said? I just don’t have a copy of it and barely remember 🙁 Maybe we will have to create new profiles, what do you want to know about my characters?


-An explaination.

Just to inform you friends, a few days ago I tried to update the page and I had many problems, it was not letting me upload images, update pages, or even install plugins, I tried to fix the site with the Godaddy people but they were more confused than me. There was nothing I did nothing to spoil the page before, it just stopped working, and they gave me solutions that did not lead to any solution, sadly I made the decision to start from scratch, and even with that some problems persisted, for me it is clear which is a problem caused by Godaddy computers, since I never installed anything or moved anything that could affect the site, and in the end it is a fairly light page. After days of struggling with the page and many attempts to restore the backup that I still have, it seems that at last everything is working again, unfortunately all your comments were lost, and I am very sorry because I think we were forming a very interesting community . I want you to know that I have given a lot of my time to reestablish the page, I hope this does not discourage you from continuing to participate and giving me your feedback, which is very important to me. Thanks for everything.