Published On: November 11, 2022

7 thoughts on “Anime versions (while we wait to the next page)

  1. Beck (in the car), Angel (first photo), and Audrey…holy shit yes please.
    This AI generated?

    1. Yep, tho these are ai generated at least thw two scenes that are from comic demanded me almost two hours of work and over a hundred of images generated to make a collage between the parts that i like it, also a final touch on photoshop, it save you time, but you have to work on it yet.

      1. what’s the software? might play with it a little myself
        And what’s the car beck photo modeled off of? That and audrey are prob my favorite

  2. Te quedaron bien chidas las imágenes, un trabajo bien hecho, te felicito, amigo, obra mæstra, 20/10 y GOD.
    P.D.: Yo sabía que ibas a hacer Little Tails versión anime

  3. Interesting art of their human version. So are we looking at them being about teen size with ages between 16-19 or so? If that is Benedict in the second image, he looks 23…ish.

    1. That may be a much younger benedict, considering he is currently somewhere in his 40s

  4. These came out great! I understand why April isn’t there. She may be the hardest one to make. I can Imagine an anime Bryce with Beck who looks great in that hoodie. I don’t really like how in the last shot Beck looks like he’s 28 and Audrey looks 12 bit that’s just a nitpick.
    And idk if Annie or Ellie is shown here. I’ll say Ellie because Annie doesn’t have blue eyes.
    New page drops when?

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