Published On: March 19, 2023

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  1. HIYA!!! Hey bbmbbff, how about Angel and Annie riding together on a roller coaster ride? Just for the sake that they having fun as siblings.

  2. I am glad i inspired you to draw Annie doing Karate in the comic style~ As for not-so-canonical stuff how about something fun and totally crazy like Audrey being in charge of benedicts harem, or Cathy being actually the villain of the future timeline~?

  3. We need some more Beck lovers. Beck and Alfred in suits because why not? I feel like those two would be good friends. Maybe throw Evan in there for the sake of it.

  4. Annie activating her Nagatoro? Honestly if we were to compare LT and nagatoro, who would be character equivalents? I see Annie as Yoshi or maybe Sakura

  5. How about Angle and April on a date.

  6. Angel walking in on Annie changing. He’s embarassed, but she’s completely unphased by it (They’re siblings after all 😉

  7. Show Lemmy some love. Why not?

  8. *An excerpt from my fandom letters portfolio*
    *following Yowki’s chronology”
    April’s braindump:
    9:22 p.m. November 9, 2015
    I am slowly coming to terms with what just happened. This is beyond that whole party fiasco, those questions are being suppressed as time flies. Many of the questions I asked have been answered or no-one knows the answers to. And I swear if I get called “that drunk chick” one more time I’m going to lose it. But I honestly wish I was drunk over the past 5 days as well. I spent time with Angel. The first time we were together virtually alone since Annie is still bed-trapped. Kind of funny that the tables flipped since graduation. She used to come to me because I’d never leave my house. Now I go to her because she doesn’t even want to leave her room or be left in the house alone. Obviously understandable, she was nearly kidnapped. But last night, something sparked. My attraction switched from her to her brother. I don’t know why it started but he looks so different to me now. He’s surprisingly composed, and remains light hearted despite his cold appearance and attitude. His voice is smooth and monotone, and he does everything. He cooks well, cleans up, always gets things done. Unrelated, I ran into him shirtless one time; safe to say he was hiding the fact he’s attractive. Probably because he doesn’t like attention. Sometimes it felt as if he was taking care of me and Annie at the same time. Yesterday he sat me down and we talked about how he wanted Alfred to take Annie in, saying it wasn’t safe for her to stay. Unlucky for him, I know how hurt he was the first time Annie was pulled away from him. But I couldn’t help but admire his willingness to keep her safe. My heart got overwhelmed, so I dove in and kissed him. Telling him that she’s safe because she’s with him, and I called him perfect. I couldn’t help it. I kissed him some more, and he kissed back. I never felt so good in my life. Falling asleep on the couch cuddled up with him felt so warm. It feels somewhat wrong, but surprisingly enough he’s not weird about it. He carries on like nothing happened. It’s kinda freaky, but I like it. Still, I won’t tell anyone. Especially not Annie.
    *this is just fandom, thoughts?*

  9. Are you perhaps a roleplayer? I love your message Drulio! Id love to chat via Discord with you!

    1. I appreciate the kind words. Glad you like it.
      I have a created portfolio called the “LT DIARY” where I create fandom excerpts like they are lore letters. If anyone is familiar with Bendy and the Ink Machine, I see them as kind of audio logs. or letters to themselves (I.E. Diaries). I created Letters from Alfred, Audrey, and Angel as well as script conversations between Beck and Bryce as well as well as Beck and Angel. If you would like, I can share Alfred’s and Angel’s individual excerpts here.
      As for roleplay, I do spend time on AO3 but i don’t really like 1 on 1 kink voicing,
      For discord…
      Unfortunately, due to constant negativity and me stumbling on some rather disgusting content (Drugs/Incest/Child Pornography/Revenge Porn/Suicide Making), I am choosing to stay as far away from Discord as possible

      1. Yeah Twitter and discord get ugly quickly. Can you share The Alfred and Angel Letters? I’m Interested.

      2. The A03 inspiration makes sense. It’s a nice read. I’d like to read the Alfred and Angel ones. My only worry is that this can cause BBMBBF to overthink (I say this as I am a chronic overthinker myself). Otherwise, I’d love to see more,
        **and yeah, discord can go fuck itself.

  10. If anyone enjoys Roleplay/NSFW RP i am always open for it btw ~ Yagyuu Jubei#5593 my Discord

  11. I think I’ll release the Annie one before Angel’s letter. I’ll release Angel sometime next week.

  12. Annie’s Audio log: September 21, 2015,
    Why is it that every time I have an extremely positive experience, something bad has to follow immediately after it? Yesterday started out fantastic: the weather was perfect, Angel was having fun with work, and I meet a really cute guy at the beach. It’s all happy, happy, joy, joy. And then the evening happened. I should have never let Angel out to chase. I knew he’d get rejected but April is nice enough to fade the pain away and within a week, they’d be friends. What I didn’t account for was her brother coming over. April having a boyfriend was the WORST thing for Angel’s confidence. To be honest this took ME by surprise as well. April didn’t tell me about her brother at all. If I did know, I would’ve blockaded that door. Anything to stop Angel’s fragile heart from being smashed. But that’s not the big thing. Walking back home, Angel hot hit by a car like 2 blocks down. Even I heard it, that’s how loud the tire screech was. I called my dad immediately when I found out, and I had to see my brother in a hospital bed with a bandaged head, out cold from a concussion. Called April afterward and she taxied me to the Hotel her brother was. I’ll not lie, that is not how I would like to meet someone; crying uncontrollably. But her brother was very sweet. His name is Alfred, and he’s pretty nice. A very calming person who knows how to care for a person. And with me in distress, He did help a lot in bringing me back to my senses. I woke up the next day to a call from the hospital saying he had woken up. I was out of the house in 30 minutes. April called me when I was in a taxi telling me she got a call as well and that she and Alfred would be waiting for me outside of the hospital doors. As soon as we got the room access, all three of us rushed up the elevator and through the hallway to the room Angel was in. To my surprise, Bryce was there along with another guy. When Bryce looked at me, It became clear to me the guy next to him was the person who hit Angel with the car. I couldn’t even tell you what the guy tried to say before I slapped the shit out of him. Immediately, Bryce sat him down and tried to console me only for me to be pushed away. He took my hands and massaged my knuckles, which was enough to have me calm down. Few minutes pass, nurse comes out, tells us that we can go in and be light. Bryce looked into my eyes. I could tell part of him wanted to be in there but I didn’t want to risk giving Angel any more reasons to have a headache. I motioned to his friend and he gave me an “are you sure?” look. With a nod, he goes to his friend and the rest of us go into the room. We were given instructions not to swarm him with questions. To be honest, I was so worried about Angel that I forgot that April was with me, to begin with. I really should’ve had her wait outside for a bit. Everything that went wrong, did. Angel tried explaining to April he tried to give her bell back to her but turned around after he saw her walking with her boyfriend. April was bedazzled, to say the least. Appalled by Angel’s damn mistake. Something must’ve happened between the time we got to the room in the first place and walking in that put her on a short fuse. I guess It’s personal so I won’t ask, she probably got a text from someone while I was still unhinged. Regardless, she screamed at him and insulted his relationship with me, which was admittedly a low blow. Angel raised his voice which didn’t help and Alfred pushed her out of the room to hopefully calm her down. Angel was released a few hours later. He claimed to have seen someone on the car ride home. I dismissed it because, concussion. I had him rest when we got home. He was out like a light in no time. I texted Bryce later saying we shouldn’t talk after everything that happened. He was grateful because he thought the same but didn’t want to offend me. We’ll talk again once all this air clears out. He’s sweet, but I’m not in any position to have another boy in my life right now. The only thing that matters to me is Angel being ok. Angel is top priority. Period.

    1. I like how this is written this is very much like how annie speaks canonically

  13. hello, Just checking in on you guys (and yes that means you too Mr. Alex Pietro 😁😁)
    Jamaica is being, well, Jamaica. Again. It’s so bad my cousins jumped on the first boat to Port of Spain.
    Hope you all had a happy easter,

    1. I’m sorry I haven’t been keeping up with the news lately, what’s been happening in Jamaica?

      1. It’s not really something out of the ordinary, it’s just becoming scarier where I live. Jamaica sadly has been a crime riddled nation kind of like South Africa ever since we became a nation in 1962. I believe I told you as well I lost my cousin a few years ago to gang activity. Still, recently it’s been very scary. When you see that a random person you talked to a few days ago goes missing it gets you paranoid. Not to mention that storm season is coming. Work has been abundant and I’m grateful for that but still its rough. To add salt to the wounds, there was an earthquake that hit us just yesterday and I am not joking when I say it literally shook up the whole nation.
        But enough of me, how are you doing?

    2. Things are not that different in Trinidad. More crime even up to today, rise in food prices and rise in oil and gas prices. I still struggle to find a job out there. It does make me feel to immigrate to Canada because really, things keep getting to hard out here.

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