Published On: January 8, 2023

36 thoughts on “Chapter 11 – Page 06 (Cover)

  1. Well well well…What do we have here…

  2. Hmm, i did forget he didn’t create the cover page for this chapter yet, until now. Nice.

  3. To whoever said Cathy wasn’t the hottest character in the comic, I emplore you to take a look at this photo right here
    Most attractive:
    1. Cathy
    2. Audrey
    3. Rose
    4. Annie
    5. Hoku
    6. April
    7. Mya

  4. Hear me out…When annie said she “loved someone else” in Chapter 3, is this who she meant? Her eyes are definitely checking out something and it isn’t the phone.

    1. Probably the first time Annie and Cathy ever met

      1. Annie never met Cathy. She only remain in plain sight of Angel.

        1. Oh sorry, you’re talking about the cover page? Nevermind.

    2. “When annie said she “loved someone else” in Chapter 3, is this who she meant?”
      That wasn’t Annie who said that. It was April who said that to Annie.

      1. I think he meant Chapter 5 here.

  5. Love the comic.

  6. Annie knows Cathy…
    Well that alone leads to a bevy of possible conclusions
    1. Cathy’s info and personal knowledge on Angel suddenly makes a lot more sense if Cathy and Annie had talked before.
    2. As said by another commenter, Annie’s “someone else” that was mentioned in April’s flashback hasn’t been named. We think it’s Bryce, but Annie is rather erratic when it comes to relationships.
    3. Look back at Annie’s chapter 9 thoughts in the mall, with her spewing information about Angel’s situation. From her knowledge on that front and how she put it, it didn’t sound like she was thinking about this. It sounded like she was voicing information that was given to her directly. The thing that makes me believe that it was Cathy giving her the info, was that neither Angel nor April knew who Benedict was, let alone the fact he was the main culprit. April didn’t know anything at all outside why Angel was in the hospital, nothing about the “treatment” he received, and it’s unlikely she could know the whole story since Angel doesn’t speak to her.
    Interesting times lads…interesting indeed

    1. Don’t get your hopes up too much. The cover page doesn’t always lead to a true event. Sure is was the case in chapters 9 and 10 but to the others, there was no relevance.

  7. And so it begins…”photograph”…I’m intrigued

  8. Listen, I love these two more than anybody else, but I believe this means we’ll see less of Angel’s perspective in this Chapter. Whatever we may see, I’m excited.
    Also BBMBBF, are you going to finish the character descriptions? Or the “chapters” page? I know it’s not a must-fix or anything, i’m just wondering.
    Other than that, the two people you see on this Cover page are the hottest people here. Enough said.

  9. I do think this chapter will explore Audrey’s involvement in this situation more or continue the story that is going on after the explosion, with characters revealing more things about themselves and what is going on with the virus.
    Either way, I think this chapter is going to be exciting to see what happens.

  10. Either this chapter will keep going to the past and explore Audrey’s involvement in past chapters more or this chapter will continue the story that is happening since the explosion and we are going to find out more about the virus and other things.
    Either way, things will be interesting.

  11. You can get it sexy in its

  12. Sorry for the delat my friends, it’s been busy complicated days for me, I send you a hug to everyone for keep reading my story

    1. completely understandable…My Father passed away not too long ago. It’s why I haven’t been as active.

      1. My condolences man. Sorry for your loss

  13. Can’t wait to read this chapter

  14. Trinidadian Shitposter

    Here to make sure none of yall disappeared like in that one spongebob episode.

    1. We’re just waiting for the new LT Page

      1. Had to give priority to my other art work (the NSFW sites, the sales are too low, and my life depends of not let palcomix ship sink 🙁 )
        Still, i’m mentally polishing some things on the script I hope all this at the end mean and improvement on the comic

        1. Wallochia Palam

          Good luck on your endeavors

    2. I’m still around, doing like the others playing the long waiting game until the next page comes out. It’s also a shame that i can’t see when the School Days Chapter 6 will end on Krezz Karavan’s site, due the untimely passing of the namesake creator last year. Other than Angel and Annie, Edward and Edna are my favorite characters as well.


  16. I wonder if there will be a story centering on Harmony in this chapter.

    1. Who’s Harmony?

      1. Harmony was one of those harlem girls that work with Benedict. I can’t remember how she looks like but the name did sound so familiar to me.

        1. she have purple straight hair ^^she’s a pianist

        2. Purple girl with straight hair. Used to be friends with April and close friends with Holly (The dog hairdresser at the mall that cut April’s hair). Did I mention in chapter 10 she has a kid that looks like it’s Benedict’s son? Amount of lore on this girl surpasses and doubles Cass.

        3. I remember now. Thank you for the reminder.


  17. Harmony playing the piano with Benedict is actually my screensaver

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