Published On: November 17, 2022

12 thoughts on “Chapter 11 – Page 02

  1. I hate the word ‘but’ especially if Benedict was really going to explain that Cathy has some kind of power or something. Other than that, what does this has to do with Angel?

  2. Ok, Benedict’s point and “but” aside, Why is Audrey telling Benedict? It’s not as if she needs approval or anything.
    Benedict is the reason why the virus broke and the city plunged into a zombified wasteland right? And Cathy never said to tell Benedict about anything. Why would Audrey tell Benedict at all? Her objective was to bring either Angel or Bryce to where she is. Why get sidetracked? I get that she’s skeptical but I mean come on.

  3. Pleased to see this comic is continuing. I hope I haven’t missed much in my absence.
    Seems to be that Audrey was skeptical about Cathy’s ostentatious foresight, and rightfully so. Benedict outlined the simplest issue with taking what Cathy claims by using basic logic, knowledge, and using the example of an orange rolling off a desk. Seems to me that Benedict is like Atticus Finch in this regard.
    Raises the question of Cathy’s standing: What is she trying to achieve?
    A couple of us (myself included) see her as a matrix oracle-type being: Can see what can happen, but not what will happen. This can be backed up by both her knowledge of Angel and what he is experiencing and/or what happened to him (i.e the accident, and any possible repercussions) in chapter 5, but being shocked to see April at the doors of the hospital in an attempt to flee in chapter 8. There is one question with the argument that I made above that can further prove that she is this world’s oracle. Turn one page over and we see what Cathy thinks she really is. In truth she knows as much about herself as we do: nothing.
    It hasn’t been talked about or reinforced enough: Cathy is depressed because she is dying, and still has no idea who or what she is. When introduced to her in the beginning of chapter 3, she questions how long she’ll be alive for. She either believes she’ll die soon or knows she’s living on borrowed time. Even in her visions of the future (i.e chapter 10) she sees a memory book alluding to her death at some point in the near future. Look at the room, the bed, the clothes she’s wearing, even the IV in her arm. Her last photo, her “Miss You” picture, it all points to a conclusion: she dies in that room. She knows what’s coming, and she’s scared of it. Or does she? This moves into my next argument: Not everything she sees happens. There are events that could’ve happened and did, but there are things that had to happen for her vision to be completely true that didn’t.
    Example: Annie’s kidnapping in Benedict’s flashback. Look at the clothes she’s wearing. Those are the exact clothes she wore to the costume party. That shot with Dr. Ivan doesn’t happen because of Angel’s interference. It could’ve happened, but didn’t. Bonafide Oracle moment.

    1. good to see u again

      1. Likewise friend. As of now, Nov 26, it’s my birthday. And I still haven’t got a clue of where my early 20s went.

  4. I’ve come to an executive decision. Nobody say nun about this page and lets see how it plays out. Remember this is all just introduction. We talk to much about this page with 0 context we’ll talk in circles. Remember this is page 2 of a new chapter. Wait till page 5 or the title page to drop at the least.
    And yes: Benedict is a genius by displaying logic. Inferencing. Wait for him to finish.

    1. I agree. Benedict hasn’t made his point yet, it’ll be foolish to argue a point that is going to be made soon enough. (10 days ish)

    2. I’m surprised a good chunk of you listened. Or not everyone has read the page yet.

  5. Please can you put sexy, underwear and nude in all your comic


    2. You have to go to Palcomix site for that. This site is only for canon type comic. Or at least, purchase one of the Innocence Lost portfolio if want to see these characters in complete nudity.

  6. It been 10 DAYS

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