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  1. So we must be in chapter 1 territory. Either this opening is a flashback or the whole chapter is a flashback…

    1. Looks like someone beat me to it.
      Yes. This is a flashback. Audrey and Angel are wearing the same clothes, the screeching sound, the driver’s appearance matches the shadow in Chapter 1, even the car itself is the same with the color, design, and wheels. Even Angel’s strut is the same. This is a flashback. Audrey said “Is he the one?” because she thought she was the person Cathy was talking about. “The Boy…Brown hair, green eyes.” All of a sudden, it all makes so much sense. This leads to Angel and Cathy being in the same room because Audrey did what Cathy told her to do: bring him to her. But this just worked out in her favor. And it’s not because of her or Cathy, but because of Beck. I believe Angel was driven to the hospital by Beck himself, and either by brilliant manipulation or sheer coincidence, Angel ended up in Cathy’s presence.
      If Cathy’s directions came before the events Chapter 1, and Audrey told Benedict the whole “boy with brown hair and green eyes” thing, could this also be the reason Bryce was involved? Look back at Chapter 5 page 11, “it didn’t work: give it a shot with a different subject.” This is what Audrey said to benedict on the phone. Benedict took it literally. And guess who matches the same description Cathy gave to Audrey? “Boy, Brown hair, Green eyes.” That’s Bryce. And who else to bring him than the same guy who brought Angel in: Beck.
      This is just a thought though, try fitting this theory with anything past chapter 5 is a slippery slope so i wouldn’t recommend trying to match it up just yet. Wait until we get more info. Strap in lads, this could get interesting.

      1. And before anyone comments, yes I know England bottled it with that gash performance against France. I am still fuming.


        2. You not the only one. I felt the same way with Brazil when they play against Croatia.

        3. Trinidadian Shitposter

          My 3% Moroccan blood has me up. AFRICA STAND UP

  2. So this is happening before the event.

  3. I like how this is happening in Ch 11 because of the weirdness of 11 as a number.
    11 > 10 but it’s just two 1s next to each other. and 1 is the first full number after nothing (0).
    I think the chapter’s gonna be like that too
    11: start at Chapter 1, and bring it to 10 like its completing a percentage.

  4. So back to Chapter 1, right after Angel see April with another guy which was her brother Alfred and thought it was her boyfriend. He end up walking outside with his head down, right before the unfortunate accident. And when he wakes up in the hospital, saw the mysterious girl named Cathy on him. “And what if this girl’s subconscious is like a supercomputer?” “Is he the one?” This feels like we’re entering the Matrix or the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

  5. Trinidadian Shitposter

    This is an unexpected lil mystery and I like it. I’m locked in, what’s happening next?

  6. Aguarda un momento, ¿Eso es el flashback del Capítulo 1 de Little Tails cuando Ángel vió que Abril y Alfredo fueron a un motel a hacer el amor y [Ángel] se fue, deprimido y triste y luego vió a Audrey en el auto y sin decir palabras se alejaron los dos y luego un carro atropelló a Ángel? [Ya dije mucho spoiler xd].

  7. Oigan, ¿por que han quitado la opción de “traducir el sitio web”? Que yo sepa, se podría traducir el sitio web de inglés a español, todo eso gracias al botón de traducir página que se encontraba ahí. En fin, ¿por que ya no se puede traducir la página?.

  8. THE CHAPTER OF THE ANTI-HEROES??? Ok you got my attention…
    And as to the LTRG, my friend you may be onto something.

  9. So you’re telling me…Cathys instructions were given before chapter 1? Is Cathy trying to bring chaos? Calling all holy deities we may have a wolf in the sheep. This may explain whatever the hell the beginning of chapter 7 was. Cathy is using angel for something, we just don’t know what.

    1. The heaven scene and the wings in chapter 7 is probably the biggest tease in the entire story. Personally, I thought this was answered about 3 different times. First was Chapter 7 itself in the morgue when it was thought to be Angel’s body, no it was Bryce’s (imo the most shocking twist in the comic). Second Time was in Chapter 8-9 where April found Angel fleeing and she didn’t take notice of Cathy, plus in chapter 9 Annie made no mention of a mysterious stripped girl with blue eyes and a taped leg. And the third was In Chapter 10 with the scrapbook, and I thought it signified Cathy died somewhere in Chapters 7 and 9 (which means in chapter 8, Angel was just guided by a spirit of Cathy). It’s one of those mysteries I can’t help but be drawn to. I’ll keep reading to see what happens. It’s like a long geometric equation only solvable by completing the square. Let’s see what lies behind these doors.

  10. Please can you put sexy, underwear and nude in all your little tails comic and been over 10 days, where is it

    1. Copy Paste is crazy 💀💀💀

  11. Unrelated but idrc
    Lionel Messi…The Greatest Of All Time
    Now excuse me as I cry my way back to Peru (seriously, argentina football fans are next level insufferable)

    1. At least Brazil did not win the world cup…
      Those Brazil fans would destroy the whole country if they won

      1. You forgot France was in the final? That country looks for reasons to riot and set fire to things.

        1. Wallochia Palam

          Oh boy… thank god Argentina took on France and not Brazil in the final.
          No matter who won that Brazil Argentina matchup, both countries would probably be at war with each other and would make the apocalypse of Little Tails Chapter 10 look bearable.

    2. If you think the argies are bad, trust me they’re not the worst.
      I should know, I’m English and a Manchester United fan.
      When we lost the Euros to Italy in 2021, the fans decided to attack black people in the streets because the people who missed pens in the final shootout so happened to be people of color
      Hell even yesterday with the final, I went to a pub to watch the game and a few blokes started swearing because Di Maria scored.
      We cheer when an opposing player gets injured and we cry corruption when VAR doesn’t go in our favor because it does the heinous act of “confirming if a goal was legal” or “if a foul was a foul” Honestly sometimes I feel absolutely ashamed to call myself English.

  12. Ganó Argentina SSSSIIIIIIUUUUUUUU!!!! (los franceses son geis jkajkajkajkajkajkajkajkajka)
    La Navidad se acerca, Feliz Navidad y un prospero Año Nuevo 2023 a todos.

  13. I do wonder what will happen with Audrey during the next few pages

    1. I’m going to infer this is all about what she did during the entire Angel situation. I’m very curious since up to this point Audrey hasn’t really been anything but a spectator and a spy. She hasn’t really been hands on in an operation, to our knowledge.

      1. I think this chapter will explain Audrey’s involvement in the Angel situation in more detail, in which she could be involved in how Angel, Bryce, Cathy, and everyone else got involved and how they ended up where they ended up.

  14. 🎄Merry Christmas guys🎄❄️

    1. Merry Christmas to you too

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