Published On: December 25, 2022

11 thoughts on “Chapter 11 – Page 05

  1. So he did survived. Funny thing is you don’t know if is between Benedict or Cathy who give the instructions for Audrey to inject him before being end up in the hospital.

  2. Looks like Audrey really will have a bigger role in the Angel situation.
    I do wonder how Audrey will respond to the Angel/Bryce fight

  3. I hope you have a good project next year

  4. Hi, LTRG here, I think there’s something wrong with the comment section? I posted a few times and they aren’t appearing. Mind you I wasn’t logged into this when commenting so just be advised.

  5. Now that that’s out of the way, HOLY MOTHER OF GOD CATHY WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?? Audrey has a scope on her because now i’m starting to think she might just be the reason why Angel dies. But I have to give Audrey credit for her guts, i have no clue how she was able to jabbing him without at least one person seeing or at least being suspicious of her. I mean here comes a girl in a bright yellow dress grabbing something in her bag, tries to help Angel up, only to sneakily inject his concussed self without him or any other person noticing. And when Angel collapses again, she walks up to a man who seems to be suspiciously standing here the whole time and not a single person raises questions? Especially for Beck, this is the girl he was telling Bryce about 2 seconds ago. I understand distress can make an individual tunnel visioned but here is this girl who he saw as this great mystery appearing in the aftermath of some major involvement of his for the second time in 6 hours, and he didn’t take a moment to realize, “Oh it’s you.” And before you say anything about “well in the next page, he’ll approach her,” just remember to this point Beck hadn’t mentioned Audrey once throughout the entirety of this story. Not even to Bryce outside of that one conversation.
    ***on another note, Angel isn’t bleeding? Angel had blood coming out of his mouth/lip in Chapter 1? Did somebody wipe it away? And In Ch 2, When Beck gets out of the car, Angel winds up on the sidewalk. Beck later reports him hitting his head on the pavement in chapter 3. But here, Angel is in the middle of the road. And he supposedly just got up, so how did he end up in the middle of the road without getting up once after the accident?

    1. LTRG presents ComicSins

    2. yeah idk. I sent a test account and accountless. Lets see if it goes through

  6. That genuinely has me at a loss…Audrey you don’t look to hot right about now

  7. Feliz año nuevo 2023 a todos.
    Ojalá sus deseos y sus metas se cumplan este año, les deseo un excelente inicio de año.

  8. I wonder what are your plans or resolutions for the near year?
    Hope they are interesting.
    Mine is that I want to write more. (And I also need to get a job)

  9. “And I also need to get a job”
    Me too

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