Published On: March 2, 2023

14 thoughts on “Annie’s Wedding

  1. Por favor, que Annie y Angel se casen…
    Sería un sueño hecho realidad para nosotros, los fans antiguos y nuevos del comic.
    Yo conocí Little Tails en Noviembre del 2018, y desde entonces no he dejado de ver este comic.
    De hecho, hice yo un “journal” en Inkbunny basado en esto (
    En fin, ojalá Annie y Angel se casen.

  2. Aw, cute~ [I wish she’s marry me lol] I’d assume she’d marry Angel, since throughout the series she and him are inseparable. Of course, that’s under the assumption incestuous marriages are allowed in this canon. As for what age, I’d imagine as soon as legal, knowing how much she loves him. She’s probably thinking about how nervous she is at that wedding, and how much better her life will be when she’s finally forever joined with the one she loves~

  3. For some reason, I would like to see Annie marrying April in a hypothetical wedding, probably thinking about her family and how proud they would be of this.

  4. So lets just get this hot take out of the way:
    Annie (27) marries Beck (28)
    If we were to go by Yowki’s timeline of events, this happens in 2024
    Best man is Angel. I know, sacreligious to not say Bryce right? Well I actually have Bryce dying. I’m gonna hate it but I don’t see both Beck and Bryce making it out of this alive. I’m choosing Bryce in an emotional sacrifice death (heroic suicide).
    Another wild theory is wishing Cathy was here. I take it Cathy is very much the reason they made it to this point and honestly may have told Annie a future of “from a slap to kids and kisses” (Remember Annie slapped Beck immediately, hate to love personified). And I’m pretty sure Cathy’s death is not a question of “if”, a matter of “when” at this point.
    Finally, Benedict funded the wedding. Simple, nice heartfelt moment. Not the end, but a new beginning. And we (As viewers) probably won’t see it because that would end up in chapter 77 or something. Long ways away.
    Right now lets focus on the main thing: Angel is in danger, and Audrey may be a traitor.

    1. Finn or Evan will die first imo

  5. Annie Pawcri is no more. I wonder what her last name is to be now.

  6. I would love to marry Annie. Shes always been amazing

    1. You are obsessed with the name Pawcri. Honestly I get ot but I think her name won’t be anything with “paw” in it (because she’s a cat). My prediction is Anderson even though Benitez has been thrown around a lot.

  7. guau! que hermosa esta Annie, la verdad me gustaría mucho que fuera Angel el novio seria la pareja ideal

  8. Is either between Angel, April or Beck she would marry to.

    1. I don’t think Annie’s incest, and Angel is very much not incestual. So I don’t see that happening. I’m still on the Bryce train. I’m biased but I like him.

      1. Just to be fair, i was doubtful at first about the thing between her and her brother. But aside from the incest thing, Angel have protected her on at least a few occasions, so you know she don’t want to let him go that easy, even if she marries another person.

  9. She will merry the spy fox who saved her that I saw in an random pic.

    1. We love Buster.

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