Published On: September 12, 2021

6 thoughts on “Chapter 10 – Page 72

  1. Hi bbmbbf, have seen this page on inkbunny. So Lemmy was a parademic before that post-apocalyptic scene in early Chapter 10. Curious if he would’ve seen Angel at that time, assuming if that’s the bomb blast at the club.

  2. Oh I remember this…Who wants to play the “Spot the Pop Culture Character” with me?

  3. And were okay. Thank god.

  4. I’m surprised Lemmy was a medic before the nightmare happened.
    Not something I expected when I read this page the first time.

  5. Kokomo Otoninotuji

    Asphyxiation? Huh, it’s almost like what Bryce suffered from that when he got exposed to whatever the furfenuget got injected into him. Is it that far fetched to say that some Chemical was exposed into the air triggering a feral outburst?
    Maybe, reading it out loud makes it sound like the craziest thing ever.

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