Published On: October 4, 2021

14 thoughts on “Chapter 10 – Page 74

  1. Angel, to the rescue! And i knew he survived that blast somehow. And no problem bbmbbfpalcomix, you know I would try my best to support you.

  2. OH HES PISSSSSSSED OFFFFFF. That’s it, write their names In the death note. Angel is about to go ham in front of his own crush and he doesn’t care. If he blinks and his eyes turn red, that would just emphasize how dead they are. He is done being the nice guy. Angel is hopping out like: “May God forgive you, but I won’t.” I hope April is drunk enough to forget everything that happened that night because she’s not gonna wanna see this. Let alone remember it. Angel is thirsting for blood.
    Also YES I CAUGHT THAT NAME AT THE BOTTOM. Mya’s brother’s name is Gabe.
    And can we talk about Angel being big brain sneaking into the van?

  3. So what did we learn today:
    The guards are dumb,
    Angel has tactical genius of Dwight Eisenhower,
    Evan is in fact ok after all,
    April is running around drunk,
    Alfred is playing the role of “Captain Obvious,”
    Mya’s brother’s name is Gabe,
    Something bad most likely going to happen here,
    And Angel is about to murder anyone wearing a black suit in a 10ft radius because FUCK ME HIS WRISTS AND EXPRESSION SCREAMS “IM GONNA HURT SOMEBODY REALLY BADLY.”

  4. My god Angel is gonna turn into the opposite of his name isn’t he? That’s a demon. A wolf in sheepish clothing. This is going to turn into Dead by Daylight really quickly.

  5. Angel has the facial expression of the unknown gray figures in Danganrompa. And I like how Evan looks as if he is about to initiate hand to hand combat and Angel, out of nowhere, bursts out with a rage rivaling Obito going on a rampage.

  6. Start bringing in the Squid Game coffins. I have a suspicion that we’re about to witness a massacre of black suits.

  7. Well…They’re dead….

    Also the Account thing isn’t working for me.

  8. Oh the blood is BOILING it that guy. Everyone start running now.

  9. There’s something that I really want to emphasize. Yes Angel is fueled with rage because of what happened but I wanna emphasize that according to the furry Oracle from the Matrix (also known as Cathy) and her dream, Mya’s brother got kidnapped by the corporation. I also want to emphasize a couple of other events and questions in Cathy’s dream that are very important.
    We often forget that due to whatever happens, Angel could actually die. Which is why Ellie says she failed. She failed at saving Angel’s life.
    Annie and Lemmy have no recollection of Mya, meaning that they never saw each other until that point.
    What was Alfred’s real reasoning behind not trusting Benedict at all in the future? Sure it could be because of him using April as a lab rat and Audrey as a spy, but if it is not one of those, what is?
    When did Benedict attack Finn? Did Finn die? And after Benedict attacked him, did he then have his epiphany?
    Annie seem to have not been surprised to hear he own mother’s voice again. In fact Ellie didn’t even say her own name and Annie knew who it was. Meaning Annie knew she was alive. How did she find out? When did she find out?
    Beck damaged his eye which is why he had a patch in the future. What caused him to loose or damage his eye?
    We established Evan is ok here, but in Cathy’s dream he didn’t appear once. What caused him to go missing?

    1. “We often forget that due to whatever happens, Angel could actually die. Which is why Ellie says she failed. She failed at saving Angel’s life.”
      Wow I didn’t even think about that.

    2. Well if Angel do die, clearly is not from the blast from the club because look we’re seeing him here emerging, going to rescue his sister. Then again you’re trying to say that Cathy’s dream might come through in the future, if Angel’s death is predetermined.

  10. You think there could be a chance where Angel could hurt Annie by accident?

    1. Annie is out cold till tomorrow. Even if Angel is blinded by rage, do you think he’ll lose control to the point where he attacks a lifeless body? I see him carrying her while jumping over buildings like an absolute badass. But I really want to see Angel’s shirt get ripped. I imagine he went through stage 1 of physical mutation. You know what that means? All aboard the muscle train. Even more I want to see a drunk April’s reaction to this. I feel like April can add a nice comedic touch.

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