Published On: September 22, 2021

21 thoughts on “Chapter 10 – Page 73

  1. Ooooooooooh so that’s how her brother was captured. Got it.
    JK Drulio Julio said something very prominent when the last plugin was still up. Cathy knows a lot about everyone and everything for an unknown reason. Cathy is like a fortune teller. My opinion is that the next chapter is going to be about Cathy’s quest to stop whatever leads to her nightmares. Also is it just me who thinks he kinda looks like Blaine? Also I bet his name is Manny. IDK why but he looks like a Manny to me.

    1. Mya Brown and Manny Brown. I like it. It rolls off the tongue nicely.

    2. Your right. If I recall correctly, the reason why Mya betrayed Annie was because she wanted to free her brother. Seems to me like this is how he got captured, or a reason why he was captured. And yes he does remind me of Blaine. But remember Blaine is a hamster.

  2. Mya’s brother in the flesh? He does look like Blaine in truth. This might even prove that the blast that Cathy saw was from that club with Angel, Hoku and others were. Since we’re seeing Annie being taken away here. Though i would wonder if we would been shown what happen to Angel too in future pages, maybe Cathy knows.

  3. Bro I’m sorry but these guards are WEAK. Annie is what, barely 100 pounds (in human weight) and struggling with her. I’m sorry but if Angel can throw a 150-180 ib. dude like Beck over his head primarily using his triceps all by himself, you have no excuse.

  4. Testing

    1. BBMBBF, sorry to pile on your workload, but you gotta fix this.
      First it was Everlet Naute (idk who his username that we would usually identify him as) now we found out Pietro’s IRL name is Alan Garcia. This ain’t right.

      1. Alan Garcia is not real lol. I used a fake name, you can put anything there ..heh. it was just for test purposes..

  5. I realized that so i change my name too.

  6. Sorry for being late to this party. I was in the dark about all of this. But poor Annie…idk who this Blaine lookalike is but Chris, Joseph, Manny, George, Thomas, Ethan, Linus, whatever the hell your name is, equip is the Tims on your feet, have your bandana on your face, and get ready to whoop somebody’s ass.

  7. Hello everyone. Took me a bit of time but I found you guys. But yeah RIP the old page. How nice of the plugin to last literally only ONE YEAR while Palcomix ran it for 7-8 years. Speaking of which, I actually went back to the old plugin. What I mean by that is I googled Little Tails Palcomix and clicked on the palcomix littlecubs page. Only the real ones know it was originally littleCUBS before LittleTAILS. And you know what I found? It looked like the page had been completely rebooted. everything was gone except the “Hello World” and the comment section (which is just filled with bots).

  8. I can’t be the only one who is wondering about this but what is Angel’s job or profession? Like we established Lemmy was a first responder paramedic and April worked at a bakery. And I believe Bryce also does photography although I may be wrong. Where does Angel work?

    1. and Beck was a delivery man. We know Angel draw comics, but neither Annie or Angel seems to have a job.. April’s job is motsly due she help her parents at the bakery.

      1. See this is what the character profiles are for.
        I always saw Bryce as a barber and Angel as a a mechanic trying to become a mechanical engineer. I mean come on, short hair or long, imagine Angel working on an old Chevy or Harley-Davidson. It just works. And Angel long hair belongs on a motorcycle and you can’t tell me otherwise. Plus Bryce has great hair, so I’m just putting 2 and 2 together. He also looks looks he belongs in a barbershop.

        1. Funny i was thinking the same thing, about Angel being some kind of mechanic.

    2. If they were humans I imaginated them as having 17 – 18 (that’s what I added on the profiles of the old pages).. so shouln’t be a real pressure to have a job on there, I imagine Finn kinda wealthy, not that much, but enought to not push their sons to find a job and leave home.. or perhaps that guy was too distracted to do it. lol.

  9. These guards are trying to kidnap someone sneakily while being in the middle of a main street. Yeah, totally inconspicuous guys.

  10. Anyone else wondering what the hell Audrey’s up to? Just me? Remember that Audrey didn’t appear in Ch 9 after Alfred’s little flashback.

    1. Prior to that, she was working with Benedict, based on events of Ch 4 by the pool with Angel and she giving her back story in Ch 7 whilst in a hospital where she check up on Angel or Bryce for him. But as seen with Ch.9 and Ch10 she probably left Benedict, end up with Alfred maybe get married and have a child.

  11. Klaus Lichtchensteinwurg

    Erinnere dich an mich? Entschuldigung für meine Abwesenheit. Ich habe gerade eine große Beförderung bekommen. Aber ja, der einzige deutsche Fan ist noch hier.

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